Friday, March 27, 2009

I'm No Philosopher

Finally went to the beach. It was fantastic. That was expected. What was not expected was thinking of matters greater than moments consisting of myself and my friends. I stood at the shore (the water was freezing) with the waves meeting my feet only to recede back into the ocean, and I thought to myself "What a concept." Different people walk into your life, and I'm not talking about your best friends. I'm talking about the people with whom you converse not too often, yet you remember them. And as soon as you begin to revel in their presence, their momentary stance with you disappears and retreats back into obscurity. But they're not really gone. They stay with you and shape who you are. The friends and family you see and with whom you interact can obviously have a huge influence in your life. But sometimes, it's the people who tangentially touch you --such that it almost seems immaterial-- that help shape your views and personality. Each wave onto shore is different, as is every person, but they blend together to make something greater.

Don't know if I conveyed everything within my thoughts at the moment, but I hope that the jist of it is displayed.

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