Thursday, March 19, 2009


I feel like I would be a god-awful ruler or dictator. Rewind and re-phrase. My mom thinks that I would be a god-awful ruler or dictator. She knows about my low tolerance for people with an incredible amount of stupidity or a severe lack of common sense. And then she laughed at me because in the "real world," I will be constantly dealing with such people, and they may be in a higher career position than I at times. Buzzkill. So, what does this have to do with being a dictator? I decided that, should I ever be the one to make rules and such for some odd reason, no one who falls under the category of "lacking common sense and/or extremely idiotic" will be allowed to pro-create. Take the octo-mom (or octo-pussy, as Perez Hilton likes to call her) for example. Complete moron. She says that it is God's wish for her to have all these children.


Excuse me? Maybe the fact that you were artificially inseminated is the reason for all your children. Not God's will. Not anyone's will but your own. Not even your mom's will! And now, the world has to deal with a whole new generation running around with her genes. Let's hope that they are stupidity-gene-free.

Back to the new world order... Yeah, no passing on DNA ridden with idiocy. That's all I ask.

Common sense, people. It's not incredibly hard to use it.

P.S. This was a completely random post that was spurred by mom laughing at my ranting and raving at some of the ridiculous acts committed by some of my peers.

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