Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Good Ol' Days

But really, where'd they go? Coming home to watch cartoons that were genuinely funny instead of computer animated, faux-3D shit. I admit that I do adore Finding Nemo and all that jazz, but it should stick to films, not afternoon shows. Even then, there are no more "regular" Disney movies anymore... Anywho, and fucking MTV now shouldn't even be allowed to call itself that anymore. MUSIC Television implies that music should be on it, no? Not ridiculously fake "reality" shows with music playing in the background as another pathetic attention-seeking idiot cries from her 5th break-up of the week. Ughh, I want to go back to coming home from school and turning on TRL, hoping that My Chemical Romance or, later on, Panic(!) at the Disco triumphing over the world of pop and hip-hop.

I want to go back to the good old days.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Insomnia or Stubborn-ness?

What the fuck am I doing still awake? I have that feeling where I'm kinda-sorta-maybe tired/sleepy, but if I wanted to do so, I could go out and do something.

Screaming Three Days Grace songs and driving down nearly empty roads late into the night while drinking some boba is why I love my friends and what we live for. Moments of fun and pure insanity.

Time to find some z's. Hopefully, they will not evade me.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Thanks, Presidents

No school tomorrow. But it's not like I'm doing anything productive at the moment either. I've been feeling very anti-social. No idea why. Do you ever have those days when your phone starts ringing, and you think "I really don't feel like talking to you... or anyone for that fact"? Eh, maybe I'll break the streak and go out tonight.

Or I can be stubborn and curl up on the couch to watch TV and/or play video games like the nerd I am.

Monday, February 9, 2009

And the Hiatus Ends

Blink-182 is back, and I can't express in words how amazing that is. This band (and Green Day) is the reason why I listen to rock instead of following the "crowd" at school and stuff with pop and hip-hop. I'm as giddy as a fangirl, and I am not ashamed of that fact.

On a personal note, we came back today from Alex's (step-dad's) house, and it was one of the best fucking weekends ever. Except now my stomach and head are paying the price.

Ehhh, it was worth it.

Sunday, February 8, 2009


Why is it that it's always the sober persons who take the part of enablers during a night of good fun? Do they enjoy the entertainment? I don't blame them if they do. But I have my own principles. Smoking is no. Drinking is a go, as always.

I am home for a short period of time (probably amounting to a few hours) from the little getaway my friends have planned. We have to eat somehow, and I, being my Asian and motherly self, have decided to get some Kbbq for everyone, rice and rice cooker included.

No hangovers this morning. That is a success to me. We'll see how tomorrow shapes up to be. I'll be the one in the outdoor pool tonight as it rains.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mutiny is Strange to Experience

Things are not okay on the homefront, soccer-wise. Team gangs up on Girl. Girl is upset. Coach calls and consoles. Team is having a meeting tomorrow before potential biggest game this season. What in the world happened? Jealousy? Selfishness? Bad coaching? I'll go with D) All of the above. Or at least to a certain extent.

In school-related news, there is a 3-5 page Hamlet essay I have yet to start due tomorrow. Can we say potential all-nighter? Though, I doubt it, what with the impending game tomorrow and such. *sigh* Second semester was supposed to be waaaay easier. Damn.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Tradition... Sort of

I guess I've created a sort of tradition for myself throughout the high school. Since freshmen year, I've found myself injured every second semester: sprained ankle 9th grade, knee surgery 10th grade (right), knee surgery 11th grade (left). My left knee has been swollen for a week now with no subsiding of the swelling. This is doesn't look good.

Game tonight. Playing is debateable. Then dinner with the fam-bam and friends. Strange them Asians are.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009


Hello world.

Why a blog? My new years resolution has been going down the drain. Seeing as I keep many things to myself, I was supposed to start letting my (closest) friends know more about my thoughts and emotions this year. Epic fail. So, this will ultimately allow be to let things out and open up for others to see. Hopefully, there will be no more drunken rants about things I've hid away for so long... Anywho, yeah, new blog. Let's see how long this lasts.

Oh, and T is sort of an alias to maintain my anonymity throughout the worldwide web.