Sunday, March 14, 2010

name 3 top places you hope to visit in this lifetime...

Hmm... this is an interesting question because there are places I want to visit that I know I will be visiting eventually. So does that count as hoping? Ah well, they will be named.

1) Indo, for obvious reasons. I am lame and still haven't been. Family + Bali = good times.
2) Holland. Not just Amsterdam, people. I gots family there, too. Some of my favorite relatives live there. And, well, I'd make a stop in Amsterdam, too, I suppose xP.
3)Australia/New Zealand. Also have family there. And it seems like freakin' fantastic place to visit. People down under are awesome. I've made a couple friends from Sydney, and they're pretty rad :)

So yeah, first priority for traveling and what-not is definitely family. Because I lahvvv themm x)

Be Brutal :)

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