Sunday, March 28, 2010

how many nicknames do you have?

I've never counted. Here's a list of what I can think of though...

Name: Tatiana

Nicknames: Tanya (duh), Tan, Tan-Tan, Tan-Tan the Man-Man, Tuna, Tunafish, Fish, Fishy, Fisherman-Bobberman-dude, Tunamelt, Tuna Balloona, T, Won-Ton, T-Unit, Tati, Tanz, Tanyasty, Bon-Ton, Ton-Bon, Fifi, Fiffles, Bitch, Skankbucket, Slut, Flying Midget, Gimp, Bionic Woman, Fatty (not the original, ha), Goalie #2, Cinnamon Buns, Mars, Chiki, Ninja, Moon

That many. Obviously, there are a lot that are inside jokes. Let me know if I forgot any, haha

Be Brutal :)

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