Friday, August 21, 2009

Recipe for College

So, I have just begun my career as a college student. Exciting, no? Welcome Week was really fun: meeting new people, exploring the campus, seeing Anjelah Johnson/Bon Qui Qui perform (a personal favorite; ahh, private school), going on retreat, and *shudder* actually classes and learning. Here's my take so far...

Welcome Week/1st Week of Classes (shaken, not stirred for better results)
  • 1 part anxiety (nervous or excited will do)
  • ? parts boxes (filled with necessities and dorm stuffs; everyone has a different number he or she needs to move-in)
  • 4-6 parts classes (get creative with this one; variety leads to different results)
  • 2 parts awkward social situations (my personal favorite is the "meeting Facebook friends for real" but you may prefer the always lovely "ice-breaker game")
  • 3 parts activities (so many options, so little time; choices include, but are not limited to, retreats, dances, concerts, parties, and beach trips -provided you are near one)
Throw everything into a cocktail shaker, and shake well. Or if you want a very well mixed concoction, throw it all in a blender. Once satisfied, pour slowly into a glass of your choice. I myself like the martini glass; looks classy and reminiscent of Sex and the City, though I never watched it. Garnish with good-byes and photos/posters to decorate, and if you really want a kick, sprinkle in some tears of the parental variety. I, for one, did not, but hey, sometimes they can't be help.

Sip slowly (or down it in one gulp) and enjoy!

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