Thursday, July 2, 2009

Being Sentimental is Underrated

Have you ever kept little, near-meaningless knick-knacks, notes, or letters? Ever told yourself that you will have no use for it and throw it out? Ever thought someone who did that was being stupid? The answers should hopefully be the following: yes, no, of course not. If they weren't you're truly missing out on something.

I was cleaning parts of my room today --shocker, I know-- and found a couple cards (birthday, holiday, get well, etc.) and notes from months and years back. And being the weird, never-can-let-anything-go kind of person I am, I read them. I guess I'm a sucker because I had a smile etched on my face for the entire time I spent reading. I'm not on the greatest terms with one of my best friends at the moment. A complete betrayal of trust in my eyes. Forgiven, but not forgotten and definitely back to square one of that trust level. It was something so trivial which makes the whole trust thing escalate. But he's on the other side of the world for the time being. Anyway, he wrote me a Christmas card despite his being Jewish (but he spends Christmas with my family regardless XP). It reminded me why we're such amazing friends. It reminded me of how lucky I am. It reminded me that no matter how many fights we get in, how many times I get frustrated or angry with him, how many times we will both make mistakes, we will always have that bond and friendship. Yes, I am being an incredibly big block of cheeeeeese right now, but I could care less. Because I have made some of the greatest relationships I could ever ask for.

Moral of this post: Don't throw the little things away. They serve as reminders for what you may forget. And on a side note, don't always be the man behind the camera, literally. You'll look back on the pictures and wish you were in them. It's something I've experienced and regret, but I can't break out of the habit completely, not yet. Pictures and informal notes: the tangible memories that your mind can't always retain for you.

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