Thursday, June 18, 2009

snap crackle POP

As mentioned in a previous post, I thought a discussion involving various musical genres would be interesting, seeing as my friends' taste in music, as well as my own, span far and wide through the vast sea of notes, beats, and melodies. I can't say I won't be impartial because 1. it's my blog (and the likelihood of anyone actually reading this is about the same as fangirls denouncing Myspace, Buzznet, and the like... slim to none) and 2. being opinionated results in more interesting and enriching conversation.

But instead of one "blog" of every genre, different posts will be devoted to solely one type. And today, we begin with pop and Top 40. (strictly pop, not delving into the realm of pop-punk or anything)

I'd be lying if I said there was no talent within the pop gene-pool because there are many, many artists who are vocally (if not also instrumentally) talented. Kelly Clarkson qualifies as does Christina Aguilera. Each of their voices, when stripped down and pulled away from editting and studio work, is great, least to say. Live shows truly show that. Give a purely vocal pop artist a mic and perhaps some guitar or piano background music and the true test is whether or not he or she can carry out the song based solely on his or her vocal prowess. For the most part, these ladies pass the test with flying colors. A group that doesn't is the Pussycat Dolls. Now, don't get me wrong; I like their songs as much as the next guy. However, I think their looks/sex appeal (<-- don't deny it), dancing, and catchy, computerized synths (a-la-"When I Grow Up") make their singing better, if not cover up what flaws their singing may have. Honestly, I think their dancing is better than their singing. This is not an attack on PCD because I know I will still be listening to them on my own accord. This is merely an example of how pop is more than just sugary melodies and includes appearance and presentation. As much as I hate to say it, when is the last time an overweight pop singer made it big?

And if you want my opinion on Disney pop (which I think should almost be its own genre and category), look directly below this post. If you want the Sparknotes version, I don't particularly approve.

Finally, a question that relates more to the rock scene than pop (and perhaps not even music at all)...
When guys paint their nails (typically black, as I have seen), do they do it themselves? Do their friends (male or female) help them? Or do they go to a nail salon and get them done? Or some sort of combination, depending on their mood?

Next up... Rap/Hip-hop

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  1. Love it. You have great talent and ideas. Know that you have at least one follower <3