Thursday, April 1, 2010

why you say you black sheep in your family

Can I assume that this is Jade talking in her asian voice? :)

I guess it's not so much in my immediate family with whom I live but more for one side of our "extended" family.
I'm a girl who initially chose to play soccer over "Sunday" school for first communion because it was held on Saturdays when she had games.
I was/am also very tan from being in the sun and playing sports and whatnot which, if you know how chinese women are supposed to look like especially to find a suitable husband and all that jazz, is a big no-no.
I played sports in general. As a girl. Do you know how many asian chicks there were playing in organized sports at my age at the time? Few and far in between.
I was the first kid to "curse" in front of adults (I was 11 and I said "heck." You can't imagine the uproar.).
I was never preppy enough. Always wearing my sports gear or dark colors. I wore pink once to a get-together. I was told various times throughout that day to wear it more often.

Obviously, we've all gown up a bit and I'm not the only person who has done these things. But I was one of the first, so I think I'm still seen in that light. I've just always been different from what was expected in an asian family. Conformity is lame anyway :)

Sorry for the semi-long-ness.

Be Brutal :)

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